TS Group AG is a service and transaction oriented company which works worldwide. We provide our clients with anything they need in terms of goods and services in luxury sphere of businesses.


We find, acquire, handle and deliver what our clients need. Our company was found in 2007 by Mr. Heinz Ellenberger. Since then, we are working very close with Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, US, China, Russia and many more other countries.

Company Profile


Wines&Spirits and Gastronomy: (Wines Deluxe, Globus Gourmet Russia, Vinoteka80/100

Fashion, Accessories and Parfumery: (Vincenzo Brandonisio, Santoni, TecknoMonster, Seraphin Paris)

Interior Designing and Construction: (Bureau 186, Zhukoffka Group Design Projects)

Exclusive Gifts, Jewlery, Table Ware and Fragrances for Home: (Zhukoffka Plaza, Zhukoffka Plaza Podarki Vremena Goda, Lotus Arts de Vivre, Thomas Farber, Autore, Vincenzo Brandonisio, Max&Benjamin, Ralph Lauren, Hermes Textile)

Safes: (Buben&Zorweg, Stockinger Safes)


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TS Group AG

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